We support the following payment methods:

  • BANK WIRE: You will receive an email with information on the bank and the account number where to check in the amount of the order, once it finalizes. Remember indicate the order reference and your name. The order will only be sent when proof of receipt of the amount of the total order in our bank account you have. This may be a delay in sending 48 to 72 hours, depending on the issuing bank. No comission.
  • CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD PAYMENT THROUGH Redsys, one of the most advanced, fast and secure platforms in the industry. WITHOUT EXTRA COMMISSION. At no time Kabenzots has access to card data. There is also the option of paying through iupay, your online portfolio, which provides you pay all your online purchases in a secure manner.
  • PAYMENT BY PAYPAL: With one of the most secure payment platforms and industry leaders: PayPal. Your data is encrypted securely and can not be transferred to third parties. It entails a commission of 3.40% (with a minimum of 0.35€) due to the management of PayPal.
  • COD: Payment is due when the order reaches its destination. It is imperative that your account is also indicated phone number. Any order received by Kabenzots with cash on delivery mode must contain a contact phone number, ID or VAT number of the applicant and other information required for the processing of the order by the customer. Otherwise, the order will not be processed in the absence of the minimum guarantees necessary for effective management. Entails a commission of 4 €.


The Preorder of a Pop does NOT guarantee the arrival of Pop. We try to cover all preorders, but sometimes Funko cancels this without more or no longer serves the products. Preorders will be served by strict Reserve order, and PREMIUM customers, have priority in the allocation of the product.

Preorders is always an amount of € 3.00 for an individual Pop, or a proportional amount in the case of PACKS; amount to be deducted from the final price, at the time of making the Shipment and pay the shipping costs of the Preorder (see the expected date of arrival in the tab of each product) with the following conditions:

  • Once the preorder has been made and the amount paid, the customer can make a Cancellation, but can not claim the refund of the amount (except if made within 24 hours).
  • In the event that KABENZOTS can not comply with the delivery of the Reserved Product, the amount delivered by the customer will be refunded.
  • In the event that KABENZOTS takes more than 2 months from the date of arrival of the product, in announcing the arrival of the Pop to the customer and processing their shipment or their storage, the customer may request the Refund of the Preorder and Kabenzots will refund the amount delivered. If you wish to make a Cancellation before 2 months of extension, the amount will NOT be refunded.
  • If you want to make a Return of a Product (Reserved previously) the amount of the Reserve will NOT be refunded, but the rest of the amount will be refunded, as long as the Return Conditions are fulfilled.


If in any case, the purchase of a product that is out of stock or with the wrong price occurs, Kabenzots will refund the purchase amount to the customer.

Kabenzots reserves the right to modify the prices of the products at any time, although without affecting the current preorders (except computer or typographical errors).

The images of the products are provided by Funko and may vary, regarding the final product. In the same way, they can indicate that they carry a different sticker than the ones from the Glamshot that Funko provides us. Kabenzots is not responsible for these variations.

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