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My treasssure! Kabenzots recieves a real treasure: the new Wave of Pops from the saga of “The Lord of the Rings”, with the Funko Pop ARAGORN.


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My treasssure! Kabenzots recieves a real treasure: the new Wave of Pops from the saga of “The Lord of the Rings”, with the Funko Pop ARAGORN.

“The Lord of the Rings” takes place in Middle Earth, where the Dark Lord Sauron ordered the Elves to forge the Great Rings of Power. Three for the Elven kings, seven for the Dwarf Lords, and nine for the Mortal Men. But Sauron also forged, in secret, the One Ring, which has the power to enslave all Middle-earth. With the help of his friends and brave allies, the young hobbit Frodo embarks on a dangerous journey with the mission to destroy the One Ring. But the evil Sauron orders the persecution of the group, consisting of Frodo and his loyal hobbit friends, a magician, a man, an elf and a dwarf. The mission is almost suicidal but necessary, because if Sauron with his army of orcs managed to recover the Ring, it would be the end of Middle Earth.

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